XPEL paint protection film vs. 3M paint protection film | Bravo protection (2023)

If you love looking at your car as much as you love driving it, you want it to look like new for as long as possible. But no matter how many times you wash or wax, things like gravel, dents, insect splatters and chipped paint still cause permanent damage to your car's paint. If only there was some "protection" around your vehicle's paintwork. Enter XPEL Paint Protection Films, sometimes known astransparent bra.

The protective paint film protects against stone chips, scratches and other dirt and makes your car look like new. PPFs also maintain your car's value and increase its resale value.

But which paint protection film should you install? Still can't decide between XPEL Paint Protection Film and 3M for your vehicle? Read below to learn more about them and some key differences.

XPEL Lackschutzfolien

If you are in the market for paint protection films, you will definitely come across the XPEL brand. XPEL paint protection films pioneered many firsts in the paint protection film market. XPEL released a film a decade ago that didn't yellow with age and was light years ahead of other films at the time. It is also known that "The world's first self-healing film.“

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XPEL is a master at finding innovative ways to protect your vehicle's paintwork with only the highest quality film. The entire line of XPEL films is hand designed, measured and tested by hand, which is why XPEL is an industry leader.

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XPEL also developed software with access to hundreds of vehicle models to accompany the XPEL Ultimate Plus films. Using vehicle stencils, Bravo Protection specialists can apply the film without cutting into the paint surface.

Key features of XPEL paint protection films


Your car will get minor scratches over time, but if you've installed Bravo Protection's XPEL paint protection film, it will help your paintwork resist tomorrow's damage.


XPEL PPFs' 10-year warranty ensures your car's paintwork is protected for years to come. Your paint job should still look shiny if your car is still running smoothly.


You may not be able to see most XPEL paint protection films, but you will notice the difference when your car has no blemishes or scratches.


Minor scratches, scratches and abrasions can occur, but most XPEL paint protection films will naturally repair damage when professionally applied by Bravo Protection experts.

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And when you visit Bravo Protection, you can be assured that any XPEL product you choose will only be installed by highly qualified professionals.

Bravo Protection Products has 4 ranges of XPEL paint protection films to choose from:

  • XPEL ULTIMATE Lackschutzfolie

The special varnish and super-smooth surface of this nearly invisible urethane film prevent discoloration caused by UV radiation and dirt. The super smooth surface is also responsible for cleaning bug residue and other unsightly stains with ease. More importantly for you, XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film also has an auto-healing feature that makes scratches, light swirls and smudges disappear.

  • XPEL STEALTH Satin finish paint protection film

The protective and self-healing properties of XPEL STEALTH Satin Paint Protection Film are the same as ULTIMATE. But XPEL Stealth's design allows it to match the brightness of most factory matte colors. Keeping matte finishes in showroom conditions isn't easy, but XPEL STEALTH can transform your car's glossy paint job into a smooth satin finish. Your car should always maintain its satin finish. So if you're looking for a reversible and inexpensive way to change your car's appearance, this is it.

  • XPEL ARMOR Lackschutzfolie

Choose XPEL ARMOR Paint Protection Film when the going gets tough on your vehicle. ARMOR is XPEL's thickest, strongest film and has the look and performance of a spray-on bed liner. Its design allows it to resist punctures and abrasions in even the toughest use. This XPEL PPF is perfect for off-road vehicles as well as heavy-duty and industrial vehicles.

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  • XPEL XTREME Lackschutzfolie

XPEL's XTREME paint protection film is the clearest,Dünnste PPFthe company offers. Designed for minimal visual impact, it offers state-of-the-art optical clarity, perfect for showing off your car's curves and custom paint job. This XPEL paint protection film also comes with one of the best warranties in the industry. If the film discolors, cracks or begins to peel within 7 years of professional installation, XPEL will replace it with new.

3M Lackschutzfolien

As one of the oldest players in the PPF game, 3M is also very well known in the PPF world, especially in America. 3M was pretty much first at this game and, as a result, has earned a reputation as one of the best in the business.

3M PPFs are the choice of new automakers around the world, as well as NASCAR. It doesn't have as many PPF options as XPEL, but they are very good at what they do.

Here's a more detailed look at 3M's PPF range:

  • 3M VentureShield Lackschutzfolie:3M's best-selling film. It has tough properties that protect your vehicle's paintwork from occasional wear and tear.
  • 3M Scotchgard Pro Lackschutzfolie:Your PPF statustransparent braoffers excellent quality and performance. In addition, 3M's Scotchgard Proline also offers incredible clarity and good scratch and stain resistance.

Here are some key differences between XPEL and 3M:

In the field of paint protection films, XPEL and 3M are the leading brands that provide first-class products,manage braProducts. There are many similarities between them. However, since they are two different brands, there are also many differences. We recommend XPEL products because they're honestly better, but read on to make smarter choices about your favorite PPF.

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Although 3M was the first company in the entire automotive paint protection film industry, XPEL is still best known for developing their products because they took their time and researched extensively. As a small PPF-focused company, XPEL still outperforms other companies in the industry. For example, it is known for making the world's first self-healing film, which means you only need to leave your car at room temperature in case of a scratch. The scratched surface looks like new in just 30 minutes. 3M films are good, but still not as good as XPEL films.


The warranty offered is also one of the main differences between XPEL and 3M window films. XPEL Paint Protection Films have a ten-year extended warranty, while 3M Scotchgard only offers seven years. While both warranties are very promising, buyers prefer XPEL over 3M because of this very important factor.


Another significant difference between XPEL PPF and 3M Scotchgard is the price you pay. While both products are high quality, you may have to spend a little more if you choose certain XPEL PPFs, but they are best in class and well worth it.

Other distinguishing features between the two films:

  1. XPEL is an exceptionally clear, invisible or transparent film, while 3M fades and yellows over time.
    • Old 3M film when discolored will be very noticeable on your cars
    • On the other hand, XPEL is almost invisible
  2. XPEL is self-healing whereas old 3M scratches easily
    • XPEL finish self-heals minor swirls and bumps in the sun
    • Old 3M has no top coat
  3. XPEL is thick and comes with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.
    • 3M films aren't as good; They can yellow and fade within a year.

Interested in having XPEL paint protection film installed on your vehicle? Contact Bravo Protection now

Are you ready to protect your vehicle with paint protection film?brave protection products,We use XPEL Ultimate Plus paint protection film and are certified installers. We provide professional and comprehensive services to meet every customer.

You canChoose from a variety of service packagesThis allows us to provide you with the protection you need. This is an economical way to add the XPEL ULTIMATE benefit to your car.

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