Top 100 Opinion Writing Topics to Write About (2023)

Top 100 Opinion Writing Topics to Write About (1)

If you need great opinion essay topics, just read our list of 100 awesome ideas and choose the opinion essay topic you like. It's that simple and it's 100% free. Our experienced writers are experts at writing opinion pieces and can even teach you how to write an opinion piece if you need our help.

Get an A+ with our amazing opinion essay topics

Let's be honest:write an opinionit can be much easier if you have the right theme. Our awesome writers have put together a list of great review ideas. You can use any of our themes for free and you can even rephrase them however you see fit. Choose one of the topics below and start writing right away!

environmental opinion essay

If you are interested in the environment and need to prove something, you can write your final paper on an environmental topic:

(Video) IELTS Writing Task 2: Opinion - Ideas & Introduction

  1. Is global warming a big lie?
  2. The creation of the Panama Canal.
  3. Should we chip animals to keep an eye on them?
  4. The polar cap is in danger.
  5. Polar bears are in danger of extinction.
  6. Will electric cars save our environment?

Opinion Essay Topics 5th Grade

5th grade students will be excited to know that we have some great themes to use in 2020:

  1. Do we really have to eat animals?
  2. What is really true friendship?
  3. Why you need at least a second language.
  4. What is the best TV show right now?
  5. Family time is very important.

Best 5 Paragraph Topics in Opinion Articles

If you want to make sure that the topic you choose is perfect for a 5 paragraph essay, just choose one of the following topics:

  1. Should we abolish the death penalty in the United States?
  2. What is the best place for a summer vacation?
  3. Music helps you do your homework faster.
  4. Reasons for the smoking ban.
  5. Problems with the current tax system in the United States.
  6. We should ban the export of weapons.

IELTS opinion essay topic

Are you preparing for the IELTS exam? Take a look at our IELTS opinion essay topics, choose the one you like, and then write the best essay you can:

  1. Why do you think prevention is better than cure?
  2. Information security problems in the 21st century.
  3. Single-sex schools vs mixed schools.
  4. Can children learn through television?
  5. Pros and cons of buying online.

Easy topics to write an opinion essay.

There are some easy topics that you can write an essay on in a few hours. Here are some of the best examples we can think of:

(Video) How To Choose An Interesting Topic For Argumentative Essay 2019 | Steps To Pick Topic

  1. We need free Wi-Fi in all public places in the United States.
  2. Do we really need the death penalty?
  3. The internet should not be censored in any way.
  4. I support the 3 day weekend.
  5. The benefits of learning history.
  6. We should clone humans.

Topics of opinion on social networks

Are you interested in writing about social networks? Or maybe you want people to know your choice when it comes to social media. Here are some topics for you:

  1. Internet censorship in the 21st century.
  2. Does Twitter work as a political messenger?
  3. Is Facebook ruining our social life?
  4. Students rely too much on their gadgets.
  5. Not using social networks for three days in a row.
  6. Identity theft on social media platforms.

Opinion writing topics at university level

Opinion essay topics at the college level are more complex than those for high school (we have those on our list, too). Here are some examples you can use now:

  1. College education should be free for everyone in the United States.
  2. University lectures should be shortened.
  3. Children should not be advertised.
  4. The disadvantages of e-learning.
  5. COVID-19 used to suppress our constitutional rights.

Fun Op-Ed Topics

Did you know that making your teacher laugh is one of the easiest ways to earn bonus points? Just use one of our fun Op-Ed topics:

  1. KFC is my least favorite restaurant.
  2. It is recommended to drink wine every day.
  3. The advantages of being a video game professional.
  4. The things your driving instructor didn't tell you.
  5. No, the customer is almost never right.
  6. This is what your dog thinks of you.

Political Science Opinion Topics

We've got some of the best political science op-ed topics you can imagine (updated for 2020). Here are some examples:

(Video) Avoid Saying This in Your Essay

  1. The true face of political leaders.
  2. Gun control and the politics behind it.
  3. Is socialism better than capitalism?
  4. Is the US economy dependent on immigrants?
  5. Why I love US foreign policy.
  6. The media today do not have freedom of expression.

Some unpopular opinion pieces

You are free to write your opinion on whatever you want, including unpopular opinion topics. Try one of these ideas right now:

  1. Abortion should be illegal everywhere.
  2. Why should we own guns?
  3. Binding offenses that carry the death penalty.
  4. The Mexican border wall.
  5. The students have too much homework. (one of the most important topics for opinion writing)
  6. The United States lost the Vietnam War.

nursing related topics

Are you interested in writing about nursing? It has never been easier to find the right topic in nursing. Just select one of our ideas:

  1. Should we force people to vaccinate their children?
  2. health and racial problems.
  3. The benefits of Obama care.
  4. What causes autism?
  5. Stress in the ER.

Some ideas for opinion articles

You can find sample opinion essays for free on the internet, but you can't find any great topics. Here are some interesting ideas for you:

  1. We should tax the rich more.
  2. The actual number of calories in fast food items.
  3. How to dress for success.
  4. Marijuana legalization in the UK.
  5. Why do I hate my last name? (one of the best topics for opinion essays)
  6. We need genetically modified crops.
  7. Why are stem cells so useful?

Opinion essay topics on education.

Of course, you are welcome to write an essay on education. You can also find some great examples of opinion essays on our blog.

(Video) Improve your Writing: Show, Not Tell

  1. Advantages of Non-Traditional Schools.
  2. Should we trust online sources?
  3. Ways to combat violence on campus.
  4. The best alternative to the GPA. (one of the best ideas to write opinions)
  5. Gender schools should not exist in the 21st century.

Good topics of opinion for high school.

Looking for some good opinion essay topics for high school? We are here to help! Choose one of the following topics and start writing right away:

  1. By 2030, humans will be on Mars.
  2. Herbalists are scammers.
  3. The problem with tsunami warning systems.
  4. Is distance learning good?
  5. Are e-books reliable sources of information?
  6. Recognize the generation gap.

historical themes

We've got some history-related op-ed topics we think you'll love. Here are some of the best:

  1. The history of the smartphone.
  2. The abolition of slavery in the United States.
  3. Discuss symbolism in ancient Rome.
  4. How World War II started.
  5. Racial prejudice in ancient Egypt.
  6. What triggered the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Some public opinion issues

Looking for opinion ideas on public opinion? Stop struggling to find the perfect theme and choose one of the ideas from our list:

  1. Gun control enforcement issues.
  2. The best way to prevent illegal abortions.
  3. Should Obama Care be abolished?
  4. Signs that our foreign policy is not working.
  5. Does the United States have the right to police the world?
  6. ¿Bernie Sanders the Donald Trump?
  7. Should the US focus on preventing global warming?

animal themes

Read an example of a great opinion essay to get an idea of ​​how to write the essay, then choose one of our animal-related topics:

(Video) How to Structure a Band 9 Opinion Essay

  1. Poaching endangers African elephants.
  2. Should we educate our pets?
  3. Pets are to be kept outside only.
  4. Without the bees we would perish. (one of the best ideas to write opinions)
  5. Exotic animals as pets.
  6. Prohibition of the use of animals in circuses.
  7. The zoo animals are unhappy.

Writing an Opinion Essay: Tips and Tricks

When writing an opinion essay, you need to know how to get started. Before you start writing your thesis, learn how to start an opinion essay. Remember that the opening statement in the opinion essay is very important. It can make or break your role.

To learn how to quickly start an opinion essay, read some examples of good opinion essays. Ouracademic writersand the editors can help you with some examples or just show you how to write an opinion piece. And remember that starting with an opinion essay outline is an extremely important step toward an A+!


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