Home Staging Costs 2023 | Roadside assistance, furniture rental and advice (2023)

Home Staging Costs 2023 | Roadside assistance, furniture rental and advice (1)

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Cost of Home Staging

The cost of home staging can start from$ 500and get as high as$ 5.500with more expenses betweenUS$ 1.600 y US$ 2.400. The prices depend on the level of service, if your house is empty and how many rooms need preparation.

Owners pay between$ 200 y $ 600for the initial design consultation and a cost per room ofUS$ 500 a US$ 600per month for decoration rental.

Cost of Home Staging
Nationalaverage cost$ 1.900
Minimal cost$ 500
maximum cost$ 5.500
average range $ 1.600for$ 2.400

Home Staging Cost Breakdown

Hire a professional to organize your homesell your house 88% faster and up to 20% morethan no-build homes, because the home's best features are highlighted with coordinated colors and better-used furnishings—and there's no clutter.

Home Staging Price List

Home Staging Price List
Initial follow-up consultationUS$ 200 a US$ 500
Initial consultation and organization of existing decoration.$ 800
Initial consultation, organization and redesign$ 1.500
Color design consulting services.$ 300
furniture arrangement$250 per room
Clean, pack and organize$ 650
complete staging$ 5.500
Monthly rental of furniture and decoration$500 to $600 per room
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  • Initial ticket inquiry- ForUS$ 200 a US$ 500, a professional home decorator will give homeowners ideas on how they can work with existing interior décor to give the appearance of more space in each room and throughout the home.

  • Initial consultation and organization– For an average of$ 800a professional set designer will organize the existing decor, give advice on what to stock, and leave an action plan for further next steps.

  • Initial consultation, organization and redesign– In addition to organizing, the home staging company will include a detailed plan forUS$ 1.500 a US$ 1.700.Documents have written descriptions and pictures showing furniture layout, rented decor (separate rental fees), paintings, and kitchen cabinet plans.

  • color design– Consulting services to develop a refinish plan (if necessary) in$ 300.

  • furniture arrangement– Upon delivery of the furniture, a professional assembler will assemble it at an average cost of$250 per room.

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  • Clean, pack and organize– Services cover removal of trinkets, rearrangement of what is left, and packing of items for storage for approx.$ 650(excludes packaging materials).

  • complete staging– Professional installation of up to 4 rooms (monthly decoration rental is additional). Includes all of the above services as well as project management contractors to paint interior walls and refinish kitchen cabinets and much more for$ 5.500to the media

  • Monthly rental of furniture and decoration– The rent includes furniture, lamps, mirrors, etc., for an average cost of$500 to $600 per month per room.

Home staging rates per month

If you are paying rent for furniture, plants, mirrors, lamps, or other items as part of the construction of your home, you will incur rental expenses for$500 to $700 per monthuntil your house is sold.

Some prep professionals may have a set minimum regarding the number of months you must sign up for, and if your prep professional has a 3 month contract with a month to month after that, you are still bound by that contract, even if your house is sold. on the day it is quoted.

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What exactly is home staging?

Professional assemblers combineinterior designskills with real estate marketing strategies to highlight the best features of the houses with coordinated colors to increase the attractiveness of the houses for more buyers.

Prep professionals offer many different levels of involvement, depending on the homeowner's budget, the amount of work that needs to be done, and the amount of work the homeowner wishes to do after the initial consultation.

The complete Home Staging service includes:

A full service home staging, which costs$ 5.500(Up to four-bedroom setup and monthly decor rental fees are extra), Typically Includes:

  • Full appraisal of the home documented with notes and photographs.

  • The detailed vision statement that dictates all design decisions.

  • Supporting documents, including photos of suggested furniture rental options and room design styles.

  • Color scheme plan detailing any paint required.

  • Owner's to-do list with guidance on decluttering and organizing.

  • Cleaning, packing and organization services.

  • Shopping services to buy or rent works of art, mirrors, curtains, statues, vases, books, blankets, bedding, lamps or sconces, baskets, plants, etc.

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Home staging consultation fees

A home staging company charges a consultation fee ofUS$ 200 a US$ 500for an initial walk of 2 hours. The organizer will give homeowners ideas on how they can work with existing interior décor to give the appearance of more space in each room and throughout the house.

Furniture decoration has an average cost of$200 per hour. A preparation service will find, rent and arrange the delivery for the owner to arrange according to the distribution project.

First, determine when you want your home to be on the market. Allow 4-6 weeks to book an assembly professional for an initial consultation and subsequent implementation of your projects. Prep professionals are busiest in the peak home sales season between May and July.

You can decide between many different levels of service.

  • Level 1$ 500- Initial consultation and a change plan that you take care of yourself.

  • Level 2$ 800- Initial consultation and work with your existing furnishings and decor to better position the home for sale. (If you select level 1 or 2, you probably have a list of tasks to take care of, including organizing, storing a few items, and possibly some painting.)

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  • Level 3$2,000 + rental fees- Initial consultation and rental of replacement furniture and decoration and manages the removal and storage of existing furniture, as well as the return of furniture to its place.

  • Level 4$4,000 + monthly rental fees- Includes organization of level 3 plus, organization and project management of painters and contractors to finish home touch-ups.

If you have a deadline that you're trying to meet to avoid paying two mortgages, a full-service package might be the way to go. According to Realtor.com, professionally organized homes sell88% faster and up to 20% morecompared to homes where the family does not have the house professionally prepared.

Fees for preparation expenses can be paid in advance or accumulated with the home sales fees, which can be paid at closing.

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Furniture rental cost for Home Staging

Home staging furniture rental costs$500 to $600 per monthfor each room on average. Furniture rental for each room will cost approx.$150 per monthmi$150 to $350 per monthto rent furniture for your living room.

An example of a national furniture rental company is Cort Móveis, and the prices below are based on three-month rental contracts. Leases can also be held for just one month, but a renewed monthly lease for a total of three months will cost slightly more than a three-month lease.

Furniture rental cost for Home Staging
Living room5 pieces: sofa, chair, coffee table, side table and lamp.$150 to $350 per month
Bedroom (King Size)4 pieces - box spring, chest of drawers, mirror, nightstand or chest of drawers$180 to $320 per month
kitchen essentialscutlery and glasses$20 to $40 per month
Dining roomTable and chairs$50 to $400 per month
the home officeDesk, lamp and chairStarting at $40 per month

Cort Furniture also has an extensive a la carte menu that allows you to select individual mirrors, lamps, vases, artwork, trees and plants, cushions, and bathroom essentials, as well as including items like

  • sofas$40 to $260 per month

  • linens$70 to $140 per month

  • mattresses$50 to $80 per month

These are general prices. Furniture rental prices vary across the country, and delivery and pickup fees are additional. You would still have the cost of the professional fitter's initial consultation on top of these prices.

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Cost of preparing a house for sale

A 2,400 square foot house costs$2,000 to $2,400 per monthfor Staging When selling your home, prep prices will depend on whether your home is empty, if you need updates like painting, and how many rooms need prep.

Cost of organizing an empty house

Preparing a vacant property will cost on average$ 2.200followed by an additional$2,000 to $2,400 per monthfor furniture rental rates. Prepping an empty house gives the prep professional a blank slate and makes prep work much faster.

Main halls for stage only

One way to reduce the total cost of professional preparation fees is to prepare only a few of the largest main rooms, such as the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. The main cost difference will save theUS$ 500 a US$ 600per monthin the rooms you do not stage.

However, due to the impact on the final sale price, it is advisable to make as many rooms as possible.

Cost of preparing the condo

Condominiums usually have a maximum of three bedrooms and two bathrooms, and the cost to prepare a condo is$1,200 to $2,000 per month.

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Home staging prices and services

painting the house

interior paint costsUS$ 300 a US$ 850for a 12' x 12' room, or$1.50 per square footto paint the whole house. Most single-family homes will benefit from a fresh coat of paint before the home goes on the market.

To paint just the walls of a room, you're looking around.$4.50 per square meter. Your costs will likely start around$6 per square meterto include moldings, baseboards and ceilings.

lighting the house

Expect to pay anywhere fromUS$ 20 a US$ 50for lamps for the whole house, or even$ 600for lamps or light fixtures. With older homes, you may need to replace light fixtures in some rooms, as well as add a few bulbs to illuminate the home.

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Lights are measured in lumens, and different bulbs draw different amounts of watts to produce the required lumens.

what lamps to use
LocationlumensIncandescentcompact fluorescent lampLEADED
Sala500 a 1.00050W a 70W10W a 12W7W a 12W
Living room1.000 a 2.00075 W a 125 W18W a 30W13W a 20W
Quarto1.000 a 2.00075 W a 125 W18W a 30W13W a 20W
Cocina3.000 a 4.000180W a 250W50W a 65W30W a 35W
Dining room3.000 a 4.000180W a 250W50W a 65W30W a 35W
Bathroom7.000 a 8.000350W a 450W100W a 125W60W a 70W

Cabinet siding or siding

Cabinet Renovation CostsUS$ 4.200 a US$ 8.100miUS$ 600 a US$ 1.500to paint If you opt for a full service package, your home stager will interact with contractors to get the job done.

Your stage planner may recommend refinishing cabinets if they are bare wood, painting them, or replacing all doors to give them a fresh, new look.

Professional cleaning while a home is on the market

Regular professional cleaning costs$50 per weekfor 1 bed/1 bath or up$300 per weekfor 4 bed/3 bath. Your stager can include its management in the service it provides. Start cleaning after any other contractor has gone over the house with improvements like paint, etc.

lawn care

Lawn Care Costs$40 to $80 per hourdepending on the size of your front and back yard. You can meet with a lawn maintenance company every 1-2 weeks to make sure everything is taken care of.

Additional costs may include:

  • Tree Cutting Costs $200 to $900 per tree.

  • Tree removal costs $300 to $2,000 per tree.

  • Landscape Containment Costs $5 to $18 per linear foot.

  • Coverage reduction costs US$ 185 a US$ 450to the media

  • grass cutting costs $30 to $85 per visit.

Additional Cost Considerations

  • Swing Assembly Removal$ 400.

  • Declutter and organize the garage: paint the walls for aboutUS$ 320 a US$ 650.add cabinets toUS$ 800 a US$ 1.500,o 3 or 4 roof racks for approx.$160 to $300 each.paint the floor to$3 to $12 per square foot.

  • Moving company -$25 to $50 per hour per engine

  • Storage -$20 to $100 per month

Ideas for arrangements at home.

Home Staging Costs 2023 | Roadside assistance, furniture rental and advice (8)
Home Staging Costs 2023 | Roadside assistance, furniture rental and advice (9)
Home Staging Costs 2023 | Roadside assistance, furniture rental and advice (10)
Home Staging Costs 2023 | Roadside assistance, furniture rental and advice (11)
Home Staging Costs 2023 | Roadside assistance, furniture rental and advice (12)

Why home staging works

Staging will sell your home 88% faster and up to 20% more than homes that are not staged for visual appeal's sake. According to Realtor.org, when the prep is done professionally, potential clients will stay in a prepped home for about 40 minutes versus 5 minutes in a vacant home.

A perfectly staged room allows potential buyers to see your furniture there when they see the furniture staged in the context of each room.

Below is a list of pros and cons of staging a home because staging depends on the priorities of the family selling the home. Some sellers want the house to sell immediately, and this immediacy overcomes the usual tendency to wait for the best price. Other sellers are in no immediate rush and want to keep the best price possible.

Pros and cons of home staging

Pros and cons
A staged house will sell approx. 88% faster.It will take time to get into your internship calendar.
A staged home will sell for up to 20% more.It will take some time until the house is fully assembled with furniture delivered and arranged, pictures and mirrors hung and all final adjustments made.
A professional builder has the skill and experience to create an emotional connection with the potential buyer through staging, something most homeowners fail to do.When not done professionally, the house can look oversized or sterile, making it a bit difficult for potential buyers to envision it as their home.
A professional set designer will be able to transform any property into a welcoming and attractive space for the vast majority of people.When not done correctly, an inexperienced or unprofessional set designer can make their rooms appear smaller, or a homeowner's decorating tastes at odds with those of most buyers.
Professionally staged homes will create focal points in the home to draw attention to the most significant selling points.A bare setting can give your home a monochromatic aesthetic, repeating the same elements throughout your home rather than smooth transitions in style, light, and design.
Even if there are smaller rooms in the house, when the staging is done well, they won't seem as small as they are.Just rent furniture and complete the project without considering adding greenery, flowers, lighting settings, etc.
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tips for cooking at home

  • Uncomplicate your furniture– Organizers will have information on specific pieces that will need to be stored, and other remaining pieces will likely end up in different arrangements to create the desired look.

  • Draw attention– Your presenter will point out the features of the house that catch the attention of the potential buyer. In the case of your fireplace, simple and elegant vases or unique sculptures can attract attention. To entice them into your backyard retreat, allow a clear line of sight through your unobstructed windows in your living room.

  • lower the colors– Tone down walls that are currently sporting bold colors or invest in some slipcovers to minimize distractions from patterned furniture. Neutral colors will appeal to a broader range of buyers than most other color combinations.

  • Eliminate clutter and rearrange– Most homes will need to organize and leave a few carefully selected items to contribute to the overall desired atmosphere. Artwork is likely to be removed or replaced unless it contributes to the aesthetic theme. Standard items include accent pillows, sculptures, vases of flowers, new candles, and coffee table books.

how to prepare a house

  • Make sure there are fresh flowers in 2-3 places in the house.

  • Paint the walls.

  • Hire cleaners to deep clean baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, etc.

  • Stock up on extra bulbs.

  • Clean all windows and mirrors.

  • Move sofas or chairs away from the walls.

  • Invest in odor neutralizers, especially if you have pets or an older home.

Initial preparation frequently asked questions

How much do you charge for home staging?

An initial consultation will begin in$ 300at the low end and then an average between$2,000 and $2,400 per monthuntil the house is sold.

Is home staging tax deductible?

As with other costs associated with selling a home, installation costs are deductible from your total capital gains liability if it is your primary residence and not a rental or move-in property. Installation costs are on par with other selling costs, such as attorney fees, escrow fees, advertising costs, and real estate agent commissions.

Check with your CPA to see how this applies to your specific situation.

How do you prepare a house for sale?

Staging is the art of designing an experience that is welcoming and inviting to potential buyers without appearing over the top. Methods include rearranging existing furniture and decor or renting replacements.

Does the staged house sell for more money?

On average, manufactured homes sell for between6 to 20 percent morecompared to houses that were not staged.

How to find a good staging professional?

Finding a broker may be something your real estate agent can sort out for you, but if they don't have one, or if you are doing a FSBO (For Sale By Owner), then you can look through thehome staging companieslisted here on the site.

There is no certification or regulatory body requirement in this industry, so more than ever, you should look for well-qualified professionals who can submit examples of the work they have done.

Do It Yourself vs. Professional Stage Companies

If your goal is to sell your home quickly for as much money as possible, then it's worth investing betweenUS$ 500 a US$ 6.000, depending on the selected options. The alternative is that the house will take longer to sell, which could put you in a situation where you are paying for two or sell for less than you wanted.

If you want the fees to come out of the proceeds of the sale at closing, having a professional come and set up your home will put you on the path to a home sale 88% faster and for up to 20% more. If you do the work yourself, the results won't be as effective, but there could besomepositive impact.

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