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  • 2TB capacity DVR

  • Customizable channel packages

  • no contracts

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  • packages available


  • Limited number of channels

  • Unreliable customer service reputation

Cox offers innovations you won't find with many cable TV providers. That being said, you may find that customer service is lacking.

With otherscheap cable tv providersOut there, complete with the lowest prices, choosing Cox might be a bit difficult for you.

However, you should first see what packages Cox offers so you can compare and contrast the packages of your local cable companies.

In this report, you'll learn about available TV packages (including HD TV), device rates, deals, customer service, and more.

Hopefully with our help you can decide yes or no.Cox Cable TV Packagesare right for you.

Cox Contour TV Jump Starter

Cox Cable TV Prices and Packages in 2023 - MoneySavingPro (2)

$53,00per month




(888) 474-1329

Se prefiere Cox Contour TV

Cox Cable TV Prices and Packages in 2023 - MoneySavingPro (3)
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$98,00per month




(888) 474-1329

Cox Contour TV Preferred Plus

Cox Cable TV Prices and Packages in 2023 - MoneySavingPro (4)

$118,00per month




(888) 474-1329

Cox Cable Packages and Prices in 2023

  • Cox Cable TV Packages

  • Cox TV Plans

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  • Deals on Cox Cables

  • Cox TV Channels

Cox Cable TV Prices and Packages in 2023 - MoneySavingPro (5)

Cox Cable TV Packages

Cox announces that more than three million customers use its television services. One of the main reasons for this is the new Contour feature, which offers customers unmatched ease of use.

Some of the features included are a remote control with voice command, an innovative on-screen guide that can display up to two weeks of programming, and suggestions for shows you might like based on your viewing habits.

Cox offers TV packages with a baseline of channel offerings, then gives you the option to choose from different packages that include interest-based channel groups like news, sports, and more. Below is a closer look at some of the plans on offer.

Cox TV Plans


Cox Contour TV Jump Starter



Se prefiere Cox Contour TV



Cox Contour TV Preferred Plus



Cox Contour TV Ultimate



Cox Cable and Internet Packages


Cox Internet Preferred 250 + Contour TV Preferred

250 Mbit/s140

147,99 $

Se prefiere Cox Internet Essential 100 + Contour TV

100 Mbit/s140

147,99 $

Se prefiere Cox Internet Ultimate 500 + Contour TV

500 Mbit/s140

167,99 $

Cox Internet Gigablast + Contour TV offers

1000 Mbit/s140

197,99 $

if you want to packCox-Internetocox home phoneWith their TV service, they have several packages to choose from.

Deals on Cox Cables

Packagespeedcanalesphone planPreis

Cox Internet Preferred 250 + Contour TV Preferred + Voice

250 Mbit/s140Unlimited

167,99 $

Cox Internet Essential 100 + Contour TV Preferred + Language

100 Mbit/s140Unlimited

167,99 $

Cox Internet Ultimate 500 + Contour TV Preferred + Language

500 Mbit/s140Unlimited

187,99 $

Cox Gigablast Internet + Preferred Contour TV + Language

1000 Mbit/s140Unlimited

217,99 $

Cox TV Channels

For a full list of available channels, visit ourcox channel guide.

Cox Premium Channels

  • hbo

  • Cinemax

  • Show time


Availability of Cox cables

cox functions

states covered18 states
covered population21.1 million
connection typefiber optic cable
internet speeds10 Mbps - 1000 Mbps (varies by region)
television channel250+
4K channelsNO
Contract2 years

Cox DVR and TV equipment

Cox offers innovative DVR technology through Contour. In addition to basic search tools and voice command options, the DVR service gives you access to up to 1,000 hours of programming. This makes it a better option than other providers that only offer a fraction of this storage space.

  • By request -On-demand programming gives you access to shows, movies, and more whenever you want. Cox makes this feature available through its Contour service, which allows you to enjoy your favorite shows or watch a hit movie with the touch of a button.

Cox Cable Customer Service

Cable company customer service hasn't been the best, and Cox hasn't done much to change that perception. The American Customer Satisfaction Indexscored Cox with 59, which ranks customer service and technical support in the bottom quartile of subscription service providers.

And el Better Business Bureau,Cox is an accredited company with an A+ rating. Trustpilot, a website that ranks companies purely fromCustomer Reviews,he gives them to Cox a 4.9/10.

Keep in mind that a customer's experiences are not representative of the company as a whole, but it's still important to anticipate any potential issues you may have with the company.

We also have customer service numbers for Cox Cable if you're looking for a representative.


Cox Benefits

  • Internet of high speed: Cox Internet PlansThey offer fast upload and download speeds, but speeds vary so you'll need to check coverage in your area.

  • Upper data limits:inCox Online DealsThey come with a large data cap of 1.25TB.

  • Download speeds:Speeds may vary by location, but Cox Internet plans range from 25 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. You can check your address with ourCox Internet Speed ​​Testsee if you can get itinternet fiber optic coxnear you.

  • Affordable prices:Which is best depends on the services you want and your personal needs, but Cox has affordable options for every budget.

  • Cover:For options near you, you can check the Cox coverage map with your ZIP code to find the best deals for your home.

  • Prepaid Plans: Cox Prepaid Internet(called StraightUp Internet) is available. You pay every month in advance, so you have the flexibility to change your plan at any time without a contract.

  • Combine your services:With you can save moneyCox Bundle Deals. Whether you want to combine TV, Internet and phone or just two services, there are numerous products and services to choose from.

  • TV package:you can choose betweenCox Contour TV Jump Starter,Se prefiere Cox Contour TV, Cox Contour TV Preferred Plus and Cox Contour TV Ultimate depending on the channels and features you're looking for.

  • List of TV channels: Cox TV PackageStart with around 75+ up to 250+ channels. HeCox Channel Lineupvaries with packages and makes them easily customizable, allowing you to add 4 premium channels; HBO Max, Cinemax, SHOWTIME and STARZ at an affordable price.

  • VoIP-Anrufe:Cox Home Phone offers digital phone service that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) for crystal clear calls.

  • Call Features:Cox Voice plans include nationwide calling, readable voicemail, robocall blocking, enhanced 911 and more.

  • Unlimited calls:ConCox-TelefondiensteYou get unlimited free calling within the US and US territories, as well as Mexico, Canada and Europe.

  • International calls:For a small additional fee, you can add international calls to over 230 countries.

  • Customer service:Learn more about customer satisfaction and what Cox customers are sayingCox Reviews.

Cox TV Package Comparison

Before we dive into our full review, here are a few things to think about:

  • Does Cox cover the area you live in?

  • Are there certain channels you can't live without?

  • Do you want to bundle your services or just want to watch TV?

Frequently Asked Questions About Cox TV Packages

What is the best Cox TV package?

The best Cox TV package depends on your needs and the area in which you live. So be sure to check out the deals in your area.

How much does Cox TV cost?

Cox TV packages start at $20 and can go as high as $80. You can choose between independent TV or double or triple rooms with internet and telephone.


Cox TV offers many attractive elements, such as no-contract plans, free installation, and a money-back guarantee. The Contour service, which is easy to use, is also attractive.

At the same time, Cox charges more for its TV packages than other providers. Even more concerning is the fact that customer support is well below average compared to other companies in its segment.

(Video) The Biggest Complaints About YouTube TV From Real Customers

Cox company details

Company Namecox communication
site6205-B Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA 30328
phone number(888) 474-1329
websitecox website
WikipediaCox's Wikipedia
FacebookFacebook de Cox
GoreTwitter de Cox


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