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Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (1)

Each kitten kept indoors has its "kill" spot. When a toy ends up there, it means that it has been defeated and killed. That is why it remains there and is rarely used after being "buried".

And, as with all things strange about cats, this "kill" place is found in the most inaccessible places in the house, the most difficult for us humans to clean.

Usually under the bed or all "under" for that matter. My cat also loves to put things under the rug.

This is also the reason why your cat's number of toys gets less and less after a while, and even though you keep buying new toys, they disappear.

And when your cat starts giving you bored looks, you might think "How can you be bored after all the toys I bought you?"

If after a few months you don't check your "under" places in the house, you may even be surprised by some wonderful toys you will find there.

Fortunately, your cat has forgotten them too and they can be used for another "kill" cycle. Yes, the fun of having a cat 🙂

So maybe this process is not so much fun for you and you would love to find a way to prevent your cat from putting its toys under the bed? I found some good onescat blockers under the bed.

And if you don't like your cat getting under the bed, an under-bed cat blocker can prevent that too.

Personally, I am always amazed at how much these "little" things can affect our lives and make a clean day effortless and easy, something we all definitely need.

Cat-proof solutions under the bed (close the space under the bed)

In my research, I found some useful ways tohow to lock under the bed,and below you can see them. These solutions will show youhow to keep cat out of bedand you can decide which one suits you best. I hope you find my post useful!

cat under bed blocker

Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (2)
Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (3)

One of the most annoying things when cleaning is vacuuming under the bed and getting little things stuck in the vacuum wand. Then you have to stop the vacuum, hope the thing isn't too stuck, pull it out, and continue, only to have it happen again with something else.

Anyone who has children, cats or dogs can identify with this situation.

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but this littlecheap under bed collectorIt will help you avoid all this confusion.

The blocker is made ofTransparent plasticand that iseasy to cutto achieve your custom size, you can even cut withregular scissors how can you read here.

What is not very clear on the product page is that you get5 pieces of this plastic blockerin a package

The size of the barrier is: 3.2" H × 16" W.

It is very easy to use: after receiving it and deciding on the appropriate location, you have to cut it to the desired size, clean and dry the floor, remove the protective paper and that's it! Really simple and easy.

It's a great way to keep balls from getting under furniture like:

In fact, people have been very creative with how they use these toy blockers under the bed,like these people here. You can also tailor them to better fit your needs, and apparently this product is versatile enough to allow for such modifications.

This furniture blocker is not made to prevent cats from getting under the bed, but only to prevent rolling balls and other toys from getting under the bed. If your cat is used to hiding under the bed or for any other feline reason, the blocker may not be strong enough to stop a cat if he decides to push it. In that case, you can customize the blocker with creative ideas or check out the under bed storage cases below.

Another great thing about this under sofa toy plug is that it iswashable and re-adhesive and does not leave traces on the floor.

If you need to remove it, you can use it again with aduct tape like thisthis isnon-damaging double sided floor tapein case you are afraid that it will damage your floor.

lock things under the bed

Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (4)
Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (5)

This is a great way to prevent cats and toys from getting under the bed. In addition to the blocking part, you also get adouble functionfor this product: a useful storage place under the bed.

Extra storage space is something I think everyone needs after living in one place for a while and with all our crazy shopping around. Things just catch up with you after a few years.

Filling the space under the bedYou'll keep your cat from getting under the bed, you'll keep toys and balls from rolling under it, and you'll have a dust-free place to store rarely used clothing or blankets.

I chose this under bed cat blocker/storage bag for several reasons:

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  • The upper part is transparent.making it easy to see what's inside, eliminating unnecessary opening and searching inside the bag
  • timefront and side handlesto easily remove from under the bed
  • Otissueof the bag is100% ecological and breathablethat allows the freshness of the items inside
  • Ozippersare designed formore than 1000 vacanciesso you can be sure they won't stop working
  • sturdy sidesto keep things in place

These storage boxes will serve as a greatbed blocker for catsand provide some additional storage space. They are also not very expensive, so there is nothing to lose here, only gain.

damper under bed

Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (6)
Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (7)

This is obviously a very similar product to the first one I described, but I wanted you to know that you have a choice.

The package here contains8 plastic blockerswhile the former comes with 5 blockers in a pack.

The size is the same for both types:16" C x 3,2" A, so if you do your measurement and need more than 5 but less than 10 blockers, then this might be a good option for you.

Many users have advised getting double-sided tape so as not to damage the floor with the clear gap blockers, so it would be a good idea to get one as well.Scotch tape- just in case.

Prevent your cat from getting under the sofa

Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (8)
Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (9)

Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (10)If the space between the floor and your bed is tall, you might want to look at this space saver, the dimensions are16 x 2.75 x 4.8 inchesmeasured in length x width x height.

Therefore, these bed guards are taller than the other similar ones included here, such asits height reaches 4.8 inches, but they are also a bit more expensive.

Generally,beds have a wider space than sofas and couchesso these could bebest under bed blockers. It really depends on the single bed, but it's nice to know you have that option.

It's a bit surprising that these bumpers were used as a stopper for the cat to get under the this client describes here. This is very helpful information for cat owners struggling to keep their cats from going under furniture. A very good and beautiful solution to this problem 🙂

DIY Cat Toy Blocker Under Furniture

Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (11)
Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (12)

This is a very good solution for those who are on a budget, for craftsmen and for those who love to create something with their own hands.

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In my quest to find bed guard solution ideas, I came across this cute video and loved the idea and creation.

It does not seem difficult to do, even for those who have "two left hands", and more importantly, it is an inexpensive solution that will work.

So instead of me continuing to "talk" here, check out the video below and get inspired 🙂

Blocker under the sofa for cats

Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (13)
Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (14)

This under-bed gap blocker is a more serious and therefore more expensive solution, but once you decide it's right for your home, it's a permanent solution and you won't have to look elsewhere.

Although the blocker looks big, it actually is.flexibleand you canfold the endsto better meet your needs. You can even fold it up to fit under a chair! Therefore, it covers most of the furniture gaps that can be found in a home.

Product description

  • Cylinder-shaped, covered with microfiber and filled with viscoelastic (best described here by the seller himself)
  • The ends of the blockers are constructed to allow them to be bent
  • Dimensions:125 cm largo x 5 cm ancho x 5 cm alto
  • Weight:7 pounds

The blockercan not be cutas it will mess up the internal structure that allows the ends to bend.

You can also use it under a recliner chair.and this is definitely some very good information to know, since cats and recliners don't mix well. I think that anything you can use to block the space under a recliner chair, such as pillows, is recommended to be done to avoid horrible accidents with curious cats and especially kittens.

Here is the proofthat buyers use this blocker for gaps under the bed.

If you have cables under your bed, this is definitely a must-have blocker if you have a child, cat, dog, or any other pet that might chew on cables.

Apart from the practical side, it is also aesthetically pleasing as it will look like a screen once placed under furniture.

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And finally let me end withthe most important testimonial for cat owners: how it works perfectly well to keep cats and their toys from getting under furniture.

Some solutions to the problem of the cat and the toys under the bed

There is always the possibility of changing your bed with araised bed platformthat will allow you to clean under the bed very easily:

Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (15)
Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (16)

It will make cleaning under the bed a breeze! Nothing complicated to vacuum or clean the floor under this type of bed: you do not have to move a heavy bed, you do not have to bend over and you can even place a roomba robot under this bed without any problem.

I would say this is an ibed frame for cat ownerAnd it's not too expensive considering you'll be using it for years and years.

Another way to avoid putting cat toys under the bed is to put abed with a solid platform that extends to the floorlike this:

Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (17)
Cat blocker under the bed ⋆ Happy city cat (18)

This type ofbed without legsIt is not very easy to find but it exists and it is very practical if you have a cat, a baby or a dog at home.

Completely eliminates the need to clean underneath, maybe cleaning about twice a year. This makes it a bed with theeasier under bed maintenance.

It can really save your cleaning day and cut down on your cleaning hours, which most of us busy folks will surely appreciate.

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