7 quality of life suggestions for Diablo 2 (2023)

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Diablo 2: Risenis about to do a ladder reset and a new patch at the same time. With so many possible balance shifts imaginable, I decided to make seven quality-of-life suggestions. These ideas can make the game better for a long timediablo 2Fanatic.

Update 2.6already revealed some of the content it will bring to fans, but I believe more needs to be done for future patches.

diablo 2It was one of my favorite childhood games. I still believe it's an amazing game to this day despite being a very old game.

One of the interesting things about an old game likediablo 2What a remake version has is the possibility of new content that was never included in the legacy versions.

That makes it exciting for old fans like me, but it might also make it more interesting for newer players to delve into this classic that never gets old.


1) Stackable Runes/Gems

2) Renewed Terrorist Zones

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3)New "Ubers" event

4) Improve melee builds

5) Teleports need a nerf

6) Improve existing articles

7) Content Update for Diablo 2 Legacy

Stackable Runes/Gems

Diablo 2: Risenupdated the game with a larger storage room and shared storage space that allowed players to easily transfer items from one character to another. However, keeping stock is still a problem for those who want to accumulate their precious runes and gems.

Runes and gems are valuablediablo 2for many reasons. Runewords are the endgame gear players are looking for. This means that players will either keep the runes or simply try to save them to convert lower tier runes to higher tier runes.

Those runes take up precious space!

Gems can also be useful for various Sardic Hour Cube recipes. They are essentially seen as the "currency" ofdiablo 2in the eyes of some players.

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It would be nice to be able to stack them on top of each other so they don't take up so much valuable space that you could use for something else. This would create a lot of quality of life for those who like to store a lot of gems and runes for trading or crafting purposes.

Revamped Zones of Terror

Terror Zones was also an interesting addition.diablo 2Final cycle of . I had a lot of fun getting into zones that I normally never would. However, I believe there is still room for improvement. There has to be a greater risk and reward factor when going into a terrified place. Enemies do not receive any buffs in terms of lethality. They simply level up and this can potentially increase your loot table depending on your character's level.

This makes it very easy and very tempting for the player to do a terrifying event. It has to live up to the name. Terrified mobs should definitely be more threatening to the player. Horror zones must also be designed for Inferno difficulty only.

I would also like to mentionseparation spellswhich can only be dropped in a terrorized location when playing on the Ladder. I think Sunder Charms need an overhaul because they are so strong. Sunder Charms damaged hybrid builds, which I always thought was an interesting aspectdiablo 2, but this mechanic absolutely hurts them and Blizzard Sorceress has never needed to be polished so massively as it is one of the best early builds for early rank.

Sunder Charms need some fine tuning. Reducing the player's resistances or damage reduction isn't enough to offset the raw damage they can take.

New event "Ubers"

I will keep talking about itdiablo 2Final part of . Terror Zones was an interesting way to shake up the late game part, but I would have liked something more similarPandemonium Event.

I still remember the day the Pandemonium event launched and it was so much fun tackling it as a group. Eventually, players found that using a smiter and playing solo was better, destroying the audience experience.

There should be other endgame content similar to the Pandemonium event, but it should require multiple players to participate.

It will also be cool to see new areas like this photo that looks like an early version of Diablo 2.

diablo 2It was always fun to play with other players. Terror Zones complement the traditional Chaos Sanctuary, Baal, and Cow races, which are popular for those wanting a public gaming experience.

I also believe in starting this new endgame event; Players must collect items similar to the keys needed to start the Pandemonium event.

These items must be exclusive to Dread Zones and can only be dropped from boss packs.

This would be a great design choice to make Dread Zones more interesting than they currently are.

Obviously, this type of content must be difficult. Players need to have some kind of high-end gear to take on it.

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Best melee builds

Anyone who playsdiablo 2has known for a long time that it is a sorcerer-oriented game. Knowing this, I love my melee builds and desperately hope they shine brighter with future balance changes.

I did a decent amount of melee oriented classes back in the days when Oblivion Knights still released Iron Maiden, which instantly shot my character as soon as I hit a target.

It's certainly great that melee builds can solo Chaos Sanctuary or do a Baal Run without currently suffering from Iron Maiden.

A fanatic doing travincal races.

I'm glad those days are over, but there's still room for improvement when it comes to playing a melee driven class.

Melee weapons must be buffed to their base damage. I also think upgrading melee oriented skills like Alacrity or Frenzy can help.

Melee builds shouldn't have to deal with physical immunities. Melee classes will never reach the speed of a caster with adorned gear, so they shouldn't have to deal with immunities to compensate.

Patch 2.6 seems to be trying to bring more runeword options to melee builds, which is fine, but more needs to be done overall.

Teleports needs a nerf

This is a rather controversial proposition, but I believe the Enchantress' ability, Teleportation, needs to be revised somehow. Sorceress is actually my second favorite class to play after Paladin. I understand that teleportation is an important skill for her survivability because she is a very fragile class.

It's certainly hard to balance, but Teleport is very exploitative. It's a skill that players will immediately use once they reach level 18. I believe that reducing range and possibly removing player defense for a brief second would prevent players from speeding up the game just to quickly reach the endgame.

Because of this, she has a lot of early ranking advantage, and I'd like to see players try not to pick a Sorceress and play with other classes. This will encourage general build variety and make it more interesting for those venturing down the starting ladder.

Improve existing articles

There was a time when runewords weren't the biggest endgame hunt players were looking for, and I believe it's time to improve existing unique and underused items in general. It's sad to see iconic weapons likethe grandpaare compared to endgame runes liketod.

There are some items like Templar's Might or Wraith Flight that aren't easy to find but are highly undesirable due to their poor stats. They need to be reworked somehow for the player to feel good about finding rare items like these.

I'd rather find unique snakeskin armor than holy armor.

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Thank you for the new rune words we gotUpdate 2.4, but would also like to see some revisions to existing runewords that really need some tweaking.

melancholyefomecomes to my mind. Gloom is too expensive for the cost of the rune and looks weakerRauchThis is cheaper in rune costs and more effective overall.

Hunger is a very high value rune word, as it requires two high runes. Unfortunately it's not competitive enough for what you have to invest.

Content Update for Diablo 2 Legacy

I made many suggestions related toresurrected, but this one is more related todiablo 2Legacy. I'm still playing the good olddiablo 2when it was the only version available that could be played longer.

There must be a time when all content is updatedresurrectedwill be available for the formerdiablo 2. It also includes some of the quality of life features thatresurrectedImproved from legacy versions.

It will be great to finally be able to create theseOriginal stair rune words onlyin the non-ladder realm or being able to turn my nearly useless runes into ber runes.

It feels wrong to see that the legacy version isn't getting all these quality-of-life features and content updates. For God's sake, he started itdiablo 2at the end.

An old promotional screenshot of Diablo 2.

Once Blizzard is done optimizing Resurrected, legacy users should be served with the content update. Blizzard will be busy providing additional content for the nextDiablo IV.

There are still players who play the legacy version as players are very attached to them. They deserve to be treated with respect because they are still playing the version they started with.Diablo 2'sstate of worship

These are my suggestions that I would like to seediablo 2deal with in the near or near future.

If some of these changes happen, I would be happy about it and other players would be too.

With that in mind, I hope patch 2.6 treats you all well and has a good ranked season.

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