19 Stunning Rooms With Dark Furniture (DESIGNS) (2023)

19 Stunning Rooms With Dark Furniture (DESIGNS) (1)

Welcome to our gallery of luxurious rooms that make the most of beautiful dark furniture.

While light-colored furniture can create a light and airy atmosphere in bedrooms, dark-colored furniture should not be overlooked when planning your interior design concept.

Dark furniture has a reputation for making a room appear smaller, but as you can see in this collection, a carefully planned room layout can utilize darker pieces to make an impact. Combined with complementary pieces and lighter design elements, a bedroom designed with dark furniture offers an air of luxury and relaxation.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing dark bedroom furniture is to ensure that lighter, complementary colors are used throughout the room. Your eyes will be drawn to the deep, rich tones of your key pieces and then drawn to the lighter elements. This creates a great sense of space.

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19 Stunning Rooms With Dark Furniture (DESIGNS) (2)

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The stunning upstairs bedroom maximizes space by using dark furniture and lighter colors for contrast and interest. A large four-poster bed in black lacquer takes center stage, with supports nearby.

Ebony bedside tables feature unique metal drawer handles and are the ideal resting place for a modern and stylish lamp in a cream hue. A sofa in a striking zebra print sits at the foot of the bed and rests on a cream rug with black veining in a complementary pattern.

The walls and curtains are a deep beige, with accents of black on the curtain tying it all together with the black furniture. The door and window frames are painted in bright white for added contrast. Three stunning contemporary metal and mirrored tapestries complete this truly sensational space.

We hope this carefully curated gallery inspires you and gives you the confidence to choose dark furniture for your next bedroom project!

The room above is a great example of how to mix and match furniture colors in your bedroom. While the four-poster bed is ivory and adorned with ivory and sage linens that echo the rest of the room, the bedside tables, dresser and desk provide a stark contrast to this otherwise bright space. The designer cleverly mixes light and dark decorative pieces and lights that bring more lightness to the environment.

This room is richly decorated and features a variety of earth tones, patterns and textures. While dark furniture with aHerewas a bold design risk, thatbeige walls, patterned rugs and splashes of bright white from the leather bedspread and throw pillows draw your eyes in and around the room to take in the design details and allow for luxurious relaxation.

A chocolate brown section with patterned throw pillows ties the space together and matches the throw pillows on the Express four poster bed and sofa. Natural light can stream in when the dark curtain is drawn back, while lighter curtains end up pulled together like a room divider. Dark, modern lamps with light shades sit on black end tables with decorative gold handles. Several mirrored tapestries on the beige walls add an extra sense of space.

This bedroom is all about texture! Dark, modern furniture with clean lines and metal finishes are second fiddle in this case. Uniquely textured cream walls, snakeskin pillows and bedspreads and an avant-garde cream and brown arrangement create a flawless contrast to the soft light wood floors, soft drapes and the sleek, modern lines of the furniture.

19 Stunning Rooms With Dark Furniture (DESIGNS) (7)

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Although most of the bedroom furniture shown above isn't quite as dark as others in this gallery, it still provides an amazing contrast to the brightness of the rest of the room. The ornate headboard is crowned only by the incredible natural wood vaulted ceiling with recessed lighting. A simple but unique black wooden chair sits to the side, patiently waiting for its owner to rest. A light cream rug mimics the bed's duvet cover, while patterned throw pillows decorate. The black wall of the bathroom is brightly decorated with a bouquet of flowers and makes the perfect shower area with the partition used.

See more of this home here.Designed byWebb Brown & Neaves.

"Sage and beige" are popular color choices for bedrooms with darker furniture, and this bedroom shows that off beautifully. The Express Sleigh Deep Bed is just the right size for this smaller bedroom. Coordinating end tables and a mirrored dresser with simple metal handles tie the whole look together. Varying shades of lighter earth tones and white ensure this space never feels too dark and cramped.

This room features cream colored walls, lots of natural light and a striking dark wooden floor that complements the furniture beautifully. A light textured carpet breaks up an otherwise too dark look. Bold splashes of turquoise and bright white are made even more apparent by the contrast of the dark area, coffee table, bed and other furniture.

This bedroom is another great example of using bright colors and strong contrast between the furniture and the surroundings to great effect. The carpet, the walls, the armchair and the lighter bedding almost blend into one another. A darker patterned duvet cover and throw pillows complement the various shades of light beige. A four-poster bed with an ornate metal headboard and footboard complements the antique look of the rest of the bedroom furniture beautifully. Modern table lamps almost look out of place but somehow fit perfectly with this simple yet opulent bedroom.

19 Stunning Rooms With Dark Furniture (DESIGNS) (11)

This small sleeping area features a lovely plush chocolate brown bed and bench. Cream carpets, draped veils and lighter linens work together to create a cohesive, contrasting space. Simple black tables hold high-gloss glass lamps, while a large, striking piece of modern art unifies the space.

See more of this home here. Designed byRoselind Wilson Project.

Lots of windows in this room make for a bedroom space that never needs natural light. The dark dresser and side tables match the room's other dark features, including the ceiling fan and curtain rods. A deep quilted headboard in burgundy complements the soft richness of the duvet. Textured cream carpeting and light beige walls create a light, airy and welcoming space.

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This absolutely stunning room takes a bold and calculated risk with the myriad of dark curtains. Despite the darker details, this space is bright and inviting thanks to the soft cream carpet, light coffered ceiling, and beautiful bay window. The furniture is luxuriously designed in an antique style, with the massive table featuring amazing metal drawer handles. A six-legged leather sofa provides a suitable resting spot, while a large horse outline keeps the overall space in mind.

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This interesting little room is bright and welcoming, with incredible attention to detail. The darker furniture matches the variety of patterns and moldings that draw your attention. Stunning gold-beige patterned rugs are mimicked in the sofa's soft tendrils of leather, wood and metal and are beautifully coordinated in the moldings on the wall.

The rich, dark cherry tones of the wood in this room convey a sense of classic elegance. A matching chest stands at the end of an intricately carved four-poster bed. A row of white shutters open to reveal a flood of natural light, while a white vaulted ceiling and eggshell walls draw your attention to the crisp white sheets on the bed.

Blue, brown and charcoal bedroom furniture enhances a small bedroom that is both stylish and accessible. The dark gray bed, end tables and TV stand perfectly match the light blues and browns of this simple yet elegant space.

This stunning space has found the perfect balance. Mix a variety of deep browns, beiges and other shadesearth tonesand with a beautiful stone fireplace, it would be almost impossible not to feel rested in this immaculately designed and inviting space. A superb upholstered, floor-to-ceiling headboard competes with the fireplace as a focal point, and a rounded contemporary chair acts as the perfect midpoint between the two. A bold patterned rug overlays modern luxe flooring, while an open floor plan leads to a bathroom area.

See more of this home here.Designed byAngelica Henry Design.

The glossy black wooden floor of this room is exceptional and incomparably attractive. If it weren't for the stark white wall for contrast, along with the rich crimson sheets on the bed, the ebony bed frame, door, and nightstand accents might look somber. Instead, we have an impressive and connected bedroom, perfect for a restful night's sleep.

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This stunning master bedroom features an extremely dark brown four poster bed, leather bench and matching end tables. Ornate metal light fixtures in light tones create a soothing ambience, while natural hardwood floors are accented with a large, light-colored rug. This carefully designed space ensures that the window area allows sunlight to flood the space from multiple angles.

19 Stunning Rooms With Dark Furniture (DESIGNS) (20)

This bright and cheerful room shows that dark furniture doesn't equate to a dark room! Crystal clear floor-to-ceiling windows, light colored upholstery and soft tones of baby blue and gray combine to ensure a crisp, clean space. The exquisitely dark furniture provides a stark contrast to the snow-white accents and the ample sunlight pouring in through the French doors. The view of the courtyard and outside brings you closer to nature and invites you to slowly fall asleep.

See more of this home here.Designed byRebecca Mitchell Interiores.

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